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MaintMobile® enables you to capture and process all maintenance jobs, breakdowns and repairs. Whether in the wireless network, via the mobile network or even offline, you can use many functions directly on site. MaintMobile® stands for mobile maintenance under Android, Windows Mobile and iOS.



  • User login (with username + password)Mobile-Instandhaltung mit MaintMobile

    User data is transferred from MaintMan®.

  • Overview of pending and acknowledged work orders

    All synchronized work orders including display of the number of pending tasks at a glance.

  • See instructions for maintenance and repairs

    The work text is transferred, so no step is forgotten.

  • Edit / record the working text

    Complement the work text of a maintenance with daily events or description of faults.

  • Enter employees and third parties to an work order

    Orders can be assigned to employees and third parties, including working hours.

  • Enter spare parts including quantity for the work order

    Resources and spare part consumptions are automatically transferred to MaintMan® and stock level is adjusted.

  • Assign errors and record downtimes

    Errors can be selected from an error catalog and assigned to a work order. These errors can be evaluated according to frequency in MaintMan® later on.

  • Create new orders directly on site

    Create unplanned work orders directly on site. Acknowledge these jobs directly in MaintMobile® or transmit them as open breakdowns to MaintMan®.

Either MaintMan® the MaintenanceManager or WartMan® the WartungsManager is required in order to use the mobile maintenance software MaintMobile®.

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